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Eames Office Chair Collection

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  • -17%Charles Eames Replica Lounge Chair And Ottoman - Black - Walnut wood - elephant Base - DECOMICA
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  • -20%Classic Charles Eames  Lounge Chair And Ottoman Replica Chocolate Leather - Walnut - DECOMICA
    799,00 Buy Now
  • -14%Classic Charles Eames  Lounge Chair And Ottoman Replica White Leather & Ash Wood - DECOMICA
    899,00 Buy Now
  • -16%Eames  Softpad Office Chair Black Leather - Replica - Low back - DECOMICA
    359,00 Buy Now
  • -50%Eames Management EA117 Mesh Office Chair Replica - Black - DECOMICA
    299,00 Buy Now
  • -5%Eames rocking chair RAR Replica Black By Decomica - DECOMICA
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  • -36%Eames  Thin Pad Office Chair Black Leather - Replica - Low back - DECOMICA
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  • -18%Premium Barcelona Chair Black - Mies Van Der Rohe Replica - DECOMICA
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  • -18%eames-lounge-chair-white-walnut
    859,00 Buy Now
  • -51%Eames LCW Chair Replica - Rosewood - DECOMICA
    146,00 Buy Now
  • -52%Eames Office Chair Mesh Highback Replica
    289,00 Buy Now
  • -34%Eames  Thin Pad Office Chair Tan Brown Leather - Replica - Low back - DECOMICA
    319,00 Buy Now

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I bought this chair to replace a 20-year-old white leather Barcelona chair. Very pleased with this chair, it arrived on time.
The quality of the leather is superb. Much more stylish and looks fantastic in my bedroom. Highly recommend!!!
The price is fantastic and I received it really quickly. It came really well packaged, and ready built. Thank you so much.
Anna Ireland

Our most popular products

  • -26%Classic Charles Eames  Lounge Chair And Ottoman Replica Black Leather Rose Wood - DECOMICA
    799,00 Buy Now
  • -51%Eames LCW Chair Replica - Ashwood
    146,00 Buy Now
  • -17%Eames Soft Pad High Back EA219 Office Chair Replica - Tan Brown Leather - DECOMICA
    539,00 Buy Now
  • -32%Eames  Thin Pad Office Chair Black Leather - Replica - High Back - DECOMICA
    369,00 Buy Now



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