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Do eames chairs appreciate in value?

Isamu Noguchi coffee tables have an average resale value of up to 65%, and the iconic Eames LCW Lounge Chair has an average resale value of up to 50-60%, with the Walnut and Santos rosewood surfaces being slightly more sought after than the coloured surfaces. If you see a chair that you think is authentic at a price that is too good to be true, be sure to keep looking for signs that confirm whether or not it is an original Eames chair. You might be wondering why Eames chairs are so expensive when you hear about their prices for the first time. According to their grandson Eames Demetrios, rosewood was their favorite type of wood, and they wanted the lounge chair and ottoman to have the “warm, responsive look of a well-worn First Baseman glove.”

If a similar chair has a visible tilt mechanism to adjust the tilt, this is an important clue that it is not an authentic Eames piece. The eames lounge chair was designed as a modern take on the classic armchair concept and was primarily designed to be comfortable — and it certainly is. Stainless steel gliders are adjustable When the Eames chair and ottoman were introduced in 1956, there was nothing like it. You can’t sit back and relax – imitations often have a mechanism to lean back on, but authentic Eames lounge chairs cannot be reclined.

The story of Eames chairs began in Michigan in the 1940s when Charles Eames met his future wife Ray at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Unlike labels used in all Eames designs, stamps have only been found on fiberglass shell chairs over the years. Herman Miller and Vitra are the only two companies that produce chairs licensed by the Eames estate, represented by the Eames Office. The ergonomics and comfort that Eames chairs have to offer make them popular pieces of furniture even today.

One of the first steps you should take when identifying a genuine sculpted Eames side chair is to look for a label on the bottom. However, it was a difficult decision as rosewood was used in the original Eames lounge chair from 1956. So make sure you pay the price of an authentic Eames chair for an Eames chair made by Herman Miller. You can find 20 to 30-year-old lounge chairs that are sold for the same price as a brand-new chair. Their basic design is so good that even the Eames Lounge Chair replicas are high-quality chairs that will serve you for a long time.


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