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How much are barcelona chairs worth?

In traditional design houses, the cost of a Barcelona chair is the cost of the original design, including the original brand’s license. Surely you’re getting a great quality product, but you might have better plans for the price you only pay for a chair. The average price of a Barcelona Chair is $6,000 in one of these houses. In the long term, a cheap Barcelona Chair will cost you a fortune if you think of its poor comfort and low life expectancy.

While this special seating is known to everyone for its comfort and familiar shape, the story of how your favorite antique, new, or vintage lounge chair was created is a bit more ambiguous. Sure, Breuer didn’t exactly reinvent the wheel when he introduced the Wassily Lounge Chair in 1925, but his recliner was indeed revolutionary for integrating curved steel tubing. The Eames Lounge Chair, on the other hand, now defines a kind of universal perception of what a lounge chair can be. Mies van der Rohe designed the chair as a seat for the king and queen of Spain, while the ottoman was intended for their companions.

Mies, a close friend and mentor of Florence Knoll during her time at the Illinois Institute of Technology, officially granted Knoll the production rights for the Barcelona Chair and Stool in 1953. On the other hand, low-cost furniture stores offer reproductions of the Barcelona Chair within a very short range. As one of the most famous objects of the last century and an icon of modern movement, the Barcelona Chair exudes a simple elegance that embodies Mies van der Rohe’s most famous maxim: “Less is more. Officially, a lounge chair is simply defined as a “comfortable armchair”, making the shape and material of the furniture extremely diverse. As such, he was chosen to design the German Pavilion at the 1929 International Exhibition in Barcelona.

As an aspiring figure in the modernist movement, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was chosen to design the German Pavilion for the 1929 International Exhibition in Barcelona. Few people could have foreseen that 92 years later, the Barcelona Chair and Barcelona Collection would still have that influence in the world of interior design, as one of the preferred options for American consumers, designers and even TV and film designers to use it as an integral part of their sets, Just as is the case with other mid-century modern furniture. This popularity is causing decor lovers and fans of Mid Century Modern to ask about the cost of the Barcelona Chair and maintain the image of a very expensive piece of luxurious furniture.


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