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In decorating business or a home, choosing the materials for your furniture can pose a dilemma. Do you choose simple, solid colors or make a statement with patterned upholstery?

Both decor options are suitable for various places and provide a lot of freedom for choosing other furniture options, decor, and accessories. But depending on the space and the expectations for the furniture, sometimes one option may be more practical than another!

Solid colors on furniture are something that never goes

out of style. They allow for decor and colors to change around them, which is often easier than changing all the furniture in a space. When you buy a sofa or chairs with a solid colored upholstery, you have the option of accessorizing with bright patterns and prints to spice up space.

Solid colors on modern furniture come with the benefit of being timeless. If you buy a high-quality sofa that will last you fifteen or twenty years, the floral pattern on it may not be as trendy in a few decades as it is now. Some interior designer will even go as far as to recommend never using patterned furniture because it can lead to dated furniture more quickly.

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